Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline Vibrator

This slim rabbit from comes presented in beautiful packaging that lacks the 'cringe' factor that many sex toys have. With a circumference of only 4 inches this Jessica Rabbit is perfect for those that are new to using sex toys, or those who prefer smaller instertable toys with a little less girth. The toy itself is made from firm, skin safe rubber and is latex and phthalatess free!

Despite lacking in girth size with it being smaller than most other rabbits, the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline certainly doesn't lack in features! The rabbit features a realistic head on the top of the shaft which rotates in small circles, whilst the small metal beads within the shaft swirl increasing internal pleasure. An attraction of this rabbit is that it is a multi-function toy with both the shaft and the vibrating bunny
ears operating separately. With 3 speeds for the shaft and 3 speeds for the bunny ears all controlled separately, you can be sure to find a combination that is perfect for you. You can even use the rabbit semi-manually, by keeping the shaft switched off and penetrating yourself with it whilst simultaneously having the bunny ears vibrating for clitoral stimulation, or you could just simply have the bunny ears vibrating on your clitoris without using the shaft...the possibilities are endless.

To get started, unscrew the base, remove the battery compartment and insert 3x AAA batteries, replace the battery compartment and screw the cap back on. The Jessica Rabbit is also waterproof so can be taken into the bath or shower for aquatic play - just remember to screw the battery cap on nice and tightly so that no nasty water leaks occur and damage your toy. The control panel is really simple to use and is push button operated. As illustrated in the image below, you have 'up' and 'down' push buttons that control the speeds of the shaft (rotation) and rabbit (vibration) separately, the LED's above light up and let you know which speed you're using. The button to enable reverse shaft rotation is located in the centre of the control panel - the round button which says R/S.


Now, because the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline has motors in both the shaft and the bunny which have variable speeds, the toy is fairly noisy, even on the lowest setting. I live with my family and even I wouldn't use my Jessica Rabbit whilst there are others currently at home, if I did someone would without a doubt know what I was up to! If you live with family or in shared accommodation and want a toy that's quiet then I wouldn't suggest getting a rabbit with motors powered by batteries, instead why not try a rechargeable rabbit? If you don't mind waiting for the house to be empty, or live on your own / with a partner then you have nothing to worry about! I can't recommend this rabbit enough, it's small in girth so is perfect for newbies and girls that prefer less girthy toys, the rotating realistic head and swirly beads give amazing internal stimulation and sensations, and the bunny ears...well, there's not much to say except 'wow!'.


Length: 9 inches
Insertable Length: 4.75 inches
Circumference: 4 inches

Where To Buy:  

The Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline Vibrator comes only in pink and is available to buy exclusively at for £26.99

*All prices are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.

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