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California Exotics Power Stud Waterproof Curvy Vibrator

I was recently sent the California Exotics Power Stud Waterproof Curvy Vibrator (Black) to test and review for This toy also comes in a really nice hot pink colour as well if you prefer. The vibrator arrived in plain packaging with no indication of the contents, all that was on the package apart from my address was the company's discreetly named returns address. 

The Power Stud Curvy Vibrator comes presented in a basic plastic bag inside a cardboard box. Although the toy being in a plastic bag meant that it knocked around a bit in the box, it saves on wasted packaging and is probably healthier on the environment. The box features the
name of the vibrator and a product image of the vibrator itself. It's not discreet but it's quite a nice and clean design. Upon taking the vibrator
out of its packaging there is a slight scent to it but after a wash and leaving to air the scent soon went away.

The handle / control base of the Power Stud Curvy Vibrator is made from a solid ABS plastic, and the insertable part of the vibrator is made from PVC. This PVC material is soft and smooth to the touch, and is nice and flexible for comfort and is also latex and phthalates free. Occasionally it does tend to pick up bits of lint but this is easily removable with a quick wipe of the toy. As far as I can see, the shaft of the vibrator is seam free. The toy is shaped to feel like the real thing and is rather realistic looking. It features a tapered realistic head, some skin folds, ridges, and raised veins for additional internal stimulation, and a nice, subtle, curved shaft which is great for G-spot stimulation. The base of the shaft also has a slightly double flared base so it might also be suitable for anal play, but I'm not too sure so don't hold me to that!

The Power Stud Curvy Vibrator is powered by 2 x AA batteries, which is great as they're really cheap and easy to get hold of. Instructions come with the toy regarding battery insertion; to insert the batteries unscrew the ABS handle at the base of toy, once the batteries are in place simply screw the base back on nice and tight. The toy is waterproof so replacing the base on securely is essential when wanting to use the vibrator in the bath or shower and when cleaning with liquids. It is operated by a one touch push button located on the ABS plastic handle which controls the power and different speed settings. It has 3 different speed settings, to turn the vibrator on push the button once and it will start on the lowest speed, keep pushing the button until you have found the desired speed. To turn off, simply click through all the settings and after the highest speed the toy will turn off. Remove batteries after use to prolong battery life, reduce the risk of leaking batteries, and to eliminate the chances of the toy being knocked and accidentally switched on.

On its lowest speed setting the vibrator is fairly quiet and the sound could easily be muffled under a duvet. The second speed is obviously a little louder and could probably be covered up by some music or T.V. noise. And the final setting is fairly loud, I wouldn't use it on this setting if other people were present in the house, unless of course I was using the vibrator in the shower, in which case covers up the noise perfectly! Water-based lubricants are always preferable when using most sex toys, so make sure a good quality water-based lubricant is used with this.

My Experience:

I'll admit, at first I was both excited and a little worried when I was notfied of being sent the Power Stud Curvy Vibrator as I didn't realise just how big the shaft circumference was from the online measurements. However when I took the vibrator out of its packaging I was pleasantly suprised that it was in fact not as girthy as the measurements listed. Online, the shaft is listed as being a 2" diameter which is a circumference of approximately 6.3 inches, however this is measured at its widest point on the lowest flared base on the bottom of the shaft. Where the shaft stops before the first flare measures just 5 inches in circumference - I can't really imagine the flared bases being used internally.

The vibrations are very teasing on the lowest setting, and I find that this is great for warming up and teasing the skin before really getting down to using the vibrator. Once the vibrator was lubed up with some water-based lubricant, I found it really easy and comfortable to insert the toy. The vibrations on the second setting are slightly more powerful so this is great if, like me, you like to start on a slower speed to build yourself up and then increase the speed before reaching climax. The third and final speed is quite powerful for a toy that takes 2 batteries, and I absolutely love the internal stimulation I get with this setting, and it feels wonderful massaging my G-spot.

What's great about the vibrator is that it doesn't have to be used internally, as I mentioned earlier it can be used on the skin for some teasing, but it can also be used on the clitoris. The tapered head of the shaft makes this toy great for some pin-point precision, and I found that a little massage on the clitoris feels absolutely fantastic and gives wonderful orgasms.

Being waterproof makes this toy really easy to clean. I use some warm soapy water whilst taking extra care to get into the ridges on the shaft of the vibrator. If preferred a specialised toy cleaner can also be used as well or instead of. To dry I use a clean towel - preferably not a fluffy one as the fluff can come off onto the toy.

If I could change anything on the Power Stud Curvy Vibrator it would be the touch button. I feel it would be much better if it had dual controls - one button to increase the speed and one to decrease the speed. Only because sometimes I like to tease and mix the speeds up by increasing then decreasing, but obviously as this is controlled by a one-touch button I can only increase the speeds until the toy turns off then have to start again. Apart from this which may be more of a personal issue than anything, this vibrator is a great toy. I wouldn't recommend it for beginner's though as it may be a little intimidating as a first toy. 


Length: 8.5 inches
Insertable Length: 5.25 inches
Circumference: 5 inches (6.5 inches flared base)

Where to Buy:

The Power Stud Waterproof Curvy Vibrator (Black) and hot pink and both are available to buy at for £19.95.

*All prices are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.
*This product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review. In no way does this affect my opinions and experience of the product.

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