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Le Rêve Femme

Recently sent to me for review, the Le Rêve Femme by Pipedream is a powerful product that is great for using as both a body massager and a clitoral vibrator.

Crafted with a solid body and coated with a body-safe latex and phthalates free velvety smooth matt coated ABS plastic, the Le Rêve Femme is quite a peculiar shaped sex toy. The gentle curve of its body provides the perfect shape to hold the product comfortably and easily in the palm of your hand, whilst also ensuring that the contoured shape conforms to your body during use as a massager. And the angled tips at the end of the product make for pin point precision massaging as well as direct clitoral stimulation. The curves of the vibrator fit perfectly over
arms, legs, the neck, and even the breasts. Everything about the product from its name, to the curved packaging and shape of the toy suggests femininity, mirroring the curves and femininity of a woman's body.

I was sent the Le Rêve Femme from and as usual the product was sent well packaged in a plain brown parcel box with a discreetly named 'LH Trading' returns address in small print. Opening my parcel up, this versatile toy comes plainly presented  between plastic inlay trays which is packaged within a curvaceous cardboard box. The design of the outer packaging is quite 'pretty' and feminine, and along with the name of the product (Femme) it is clearly suggestive that this is a toy aimed more specifically towards women.

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included), the Le Rêve Femme is really easy to operate. Screw the base of the vibrator off and insert the batteries as shown in the image, make sure that you screw the cap back on tightly as the rubber O ring provides a waterproofing seal. If the base cap is not tight and there is movement of the rubber seal then the vibrator will be at risk of water seeping into the toy and becoming water damaged. The big white one-touch button present on the base cap controls the power and speed settings. Push once to turn the vibrator on, then keep pushing to scroll through the 3 powerful speeds which start low and increase, and once the highest speed has been reached you then push again to turn the toy off.

On the lowest speed the noise levels are really quiet and aren't anything to worry about. On the medium speed, naturally they are a little louder but nothing a bit of muffling under a duvet won't cover up. The highest and most powerful setting is fairly loud and can be heard when used under a duvet. There is a possibility that it may also be heard from the other side of the door depending on how far away from the door you are when using it. If using in the shower though then it won't be heard as the sound of the water covers it up perfectly.

As the Le Rêve Femme is advertised as a massager, it doesn't just have to be used as a massager, it can be used as a sex toy too. The vibrations travel under the skin making this great for getting rid of all those aches and pains, and relieving tension in muscles - and it really does feel wonderful. In use as a sex toy, the Le Rêve Femme is great for couples to use for massaging and teasing erogenous zones during foreplay; I haven't any experience using it with a partner during sex but I would imagine that as the vibrator is a little on the larger size compared with bullet vibrators, it would get in the way / not be comfortable on her clitoral area. If you're single then you've no need to worry! As mentioned earlier it's great for teasing your own erogenous zones and it's great for some clitoral stimulation and possibly vaginal pleasure too. I absolutely wouldn't suggest this be used anally as the absence of a flared base provides no protection for keeping it safe from slipping. Although the material ensures that the vibrator glides effortlessly over skin, you may want to add some extra slipperiness by using some water-based lubricant, especially when using it to stimulate the clitoris.

My Experience:

Upon taking the product out of its packaging, the Le Rêve Femme was a fair bit larger than I thought it would be. Then again I didn't take much notice of the product's measurements. The vibrator itself feels light in weight, yet also sturdy and of a quality build, it was also scent free which I'm always very pleased about. 

As always cleaning a new sex toy is a must prior to use, and with its waterproof feature cleaning both before and after use is really easy with this product as there is no risk of water damage to the inside of the toy - provided the screw cap base is sealed on nice and tightly. Soapy water and / or a specialised sex toy cleaner may be used to clean the Le Rêve Femme. Being waterproof, also means you can take the vibrator into the shower or bath too!

When using the toy as a massager, depending on what position my hand would be in holding the vibrator, I occasionally found operating it a little fiddly if I wanted to change the speed intensity. Occasionally, instead of being able to keep the vibrator comfortably on my skin I had to remove it from contact and then push the button. As a massager to relieve pain and tension in muscles, each speed is ideal for different severity of pain and tension, as well as the body part / area in question. As a sex toy I find the lowest and medium speed settings pretty good for some teasing of my erogenous zones. The highest speed setting is quite powerful - not wand powerful - and for some it may not be suitable for teasing if you have sensitive skin. I personally find that on some parts of my body the highest vibrations can be a bit too much and sometimes hurt.

Clitoral Vibrator:
In use as a clitoral vibrator I found it really simple to change the speed intensity mid-use without having to remove the vibrator from touching my body. I think the ease of operating the one-touch button simply depends on the position of your hand whilst holding the toy, you just have to find what suits you comfortably. I found the lowest speed only good for some light, teasing vibrations which weren't enough to give me the pleasure I need to climax. The medium speed setting is also ideal for some heightened teasing, and I found it great on the clitoris for a longer build up to climaxing. I really do like the sensations of the higher vibrations though and am able to have a satisfying orgasm in a couple of minutes. 

Internal / G-spot Vibrator:
Due to its shape I wasn't too sure if the vibrator was intended for internal stimulation, but I decided to put it to the test anyway. Changing the speed setting was really simple for me to do due to the position of my hand holding the end of the vibrator whilst it was inside me. I didn't really bother trying it on the lowest and medium settings as with my previous experience using it as a clitoral vibrator, I knew they wouldn't be enough for me to experience much, if any pleasure. Once covered in some water-based lubricant I slowly inserted the toy. It was quite uncomfortable at first because of the angular shape on the sides of the vibrator, and I had to push it in as deep as it would go as with shallow penetration it was a little painful. Once in and use to the shape I turned the vibrator on maximum speed and could feel it lightly massaging my G-spot. Combined with some manual clitoral stimulation my orgasm was far more satisfying than using the vibrator as a clitoral vibrator on its own. However, I wouldn't use it internally a lot as it can be uncomfortable at times.

Bad Points? It's more of a personal issue rather than a flaw with the vibrator itself, but if I could change anything about Le Rêve Femme it would be the one-touch button feature as I'm not a huge fan of them as you can only ascend though the speed intensities. I would instead replace this with a dual control, one button to increase speed and another to decrease, only because sometimes I like to mix the speeds up during use. But as I said, there's nothing wrong with the toy itself, it's more of a personal issue.

The Le Rêve Femme really is a great little 2 in 1 product. It's powerful, has reasonable noise levels, is smooth on skin, easy to clean, waterproof, and is a massager as well as a sex toy. It really does do its intended use faultlessly.


Length: 6 inches
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
Circumference: 4.5 inches

Where to Buy:

The Le Rêve Femme is available to buy only in purple from for £27.99.

*All prices are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.
*This product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review. In no way does this affect my opinions and experience of the product.

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