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Lelo Ina 2

I own quite a few Lelo products now and the quality of their toys is some of the best I've seen. I often find myself lusting after their whole range of products because I just can't stop looking at how aesthestically pleasing they are. 

The Ina 2 is a rechargeable, waterproof vibrator with multi speeds and patterns, it provides dual stimulation but is unlike your 'traditional' rabbit style vibrator. In place of a rotating shaft for internal stimulation and two vibrating 'bunny ears' for clitoral stimulation, the Ina 2 features a completely rigid vibrating shaft, and a much smaller clitoral arm / shaft with a singular rigid nub on the end to stimulate the clitoris. The shaft
measures approximately 3.75 inches in insertable length and 4.5 inches around its widest point, it is perfectly shaped to stimulate the G-spot. The only part of the toy that can be manoeuvred is the part at the bottom of the clitoral arm where it meets the shaft, this makes it accommodating for various body shapes. Having previously owned only one 'traditional' style rabbit vibrator, I really didn't know what to expect with the Ina 2 or whether I would even like the different type of stimulation it produces, but it's beautiful and simple aesthetics and he fact that it's rechargeable kept drawing me back to it.

I don't have, nor have I ever owned the orginal Lelo Ina so unfortunately cannot compare the two. Lelo do however claim that the new and improved Ina 2 is 100% more powerful than the original Ina, and is also waterproof. Not only that, but Lelo had taken customer feedback into consideration and slightly changed the design. With the Ina 2, the internal shaft has been extended making G-spot stimulation easier and more pleasureable to the user, plus, the space between the internal shaft and the clitoral arm has also increased so that the toy is more comfortable. 

Made with both ABS plastic and a high quality FDA approved medical grade silicone which is latex free, phthalates free, non-porous and odourless, the Ina 2 is crafted with some of the most body safe materials available on the market. The shaft and clitoral arm (the green part of the toy) is coated in the high quality silicone material which is seemless, feels luxuriously soft and smooth on the skin and doesn't attract dust and lint. If I run the toy along my arm I don't notice any drag, and when in use there doesn't seem to be a significant amount either - to eliminate any drag however, use a water-based lubricant. The inner body of the vibrator (underneath the silicone coating) is completely rigid, which means it will not flex at all, and I am assuming this is made from an ABS plastic, the same material as the white handle, which is also rigid and features the control panel.

The Ina 2 arrives in the typically gorgeous packaging that Lelo are known for. They put just as much thought into their luxurious and attractive packaging as they do with their products. The first thing you notice is the outer-card packaging which features an image of the Ina 2 and some product information. Inside you'll find a high quality, sturdy gift box with the Ina 2 encased in a velvety lined tray. You also get a [UK] mains charger, satin storage bag, a 5ml sachet of water-based lubricant which is both glycerin and paraben free, an instruction manual, and an authenticity and 1 year warranty card.

Lelo product's don't arrive pre-charged from the factory and so when receiving the Ina 2, the first thing you must do is charge it! If you already have a mains charged Lelo product then charging is no different. Simply plug the mains charger into a wall socket and plug the pin on the other end of the charger into the charging port on the base of the toy after removing the small silicone protective tab. Leave to charge for approximately 2 hours, during this time the 4 buttons on the control panel will flash on and off, and once fully charged the buttons will illuminate steadily. From a full charge you can get around 4 hours / 240 minutes of play, sometimes less depending on the settings you use. When the battery begins to run out the buttons will flash indicating that it needs charging. I always recommend letting the toy completely drain of its power before recharging to avoid any possible harm to the battery.

Using the vibrator is really simple. It features 4 buttons that are pretty self explanatory: +, -, up, down. To turn on push the + button, the toy will initially start off on the constant speed setting with both the shaft and the clit arm vibrating, the + button also increases the vibration speed, like wise, the - button decreases vibration speed and turns the toy off. The up and down buttons allow you to scroll through the 8 different functions the toy has to offer. What's great about the Ina 2 is that, even if you change the function on the toy, you still have the option to increase or decrease the intensity of vibrations for any specific function. Another great feature is that when the toy is not in use you have the option to lock the control panel ensuring that it won't turn on in storage or whilst travelling if a button is accidentally knocked. To lock, press the + and - buttons simultaneously for around 5 seconds, the buttons will glow steadily during this time and then go off when it is locked. To unlock follow the same instructions, only this time the buttons will light up once successfully unlocked.

The 8 different functions on the Ina 2 are as follows:
  • Shaft and clit arm
  • Clit arm only
  • Shaft only
  • Clit arm only
  • Alternating between the shaft and clit arm separately
  • Pulse on the shaft and clit arm simultaneously
  • Reving from shaft to clit from low to high
  • Surprise variation of all the above functions

The Ina 2 has been described as being 'whisper-quiet', however I have to disagree. The first time I turned the vibrator on I was a little shocked to find that the vibrations are quite audible. The clit arm is practically silent, however it's the shaft that gives off the most noise. Even so, it is a lot quieter than battery powered traditional rabbit vibrators, and even on the highest, most powerful constant speed setting, the Ina 2 can be muffled under a duvet and won't be heard from outside the room if you're few feet away from the door.

Looking after the Ina 2 is easy. Silicone is a high quality material that can be cleaned with either soapy water, sex toy cleaner, or an anti-bacterial wipe (make sure these are safe for intimate areas too though!). Cleaning should be done both prior and after using the toy to stop the transferal and growth of bacteria. When using lubricant, always use a water-based lubricant with the Ina 2, and any toy made with silicone in fact. If you use a silicone lube then you can degrade the surface of the toy which is something you don't want to do with a high quality, luxury sex toy. Also, always store toys separately; store the Ina 2 in either the box it game in or in the storage bag provided.

My Experience:

I was ridiculously excited upon arrival of my Ina 2. After waiting for what seemed like forever whilst charging, I gave the toy a good clean and finally got down to trying it out.

After applying a fairly generous amount of water-based lubricant to both the shaft and the clit arm I began inserting. The tapered tip of the internal shaft allows for an easy and gradual penetration. I could feel the bulbous body on the shaft slowly, yet pleasurably stretching me slightly to accommodate it's perfectly formed shape, however I did find that I had to give the clit arm a bit of positioning to hit the right spots.

Each and every single time I've used the Ina 2 I have not been left disappointed with the results! When used on the standard function which has the whole toy vibrating at a constant speed, the curved, bulbous shaft is the correct shape to contour with my body and so hits and vibrates against my G-spot providing a sufficient amount of pleasurable G-spot stimulation. If I want to add some more pressure to my G-spot then a simple push down on the handle lifts the internal shaft up therefore giving my G-spot some extra stimulation. The clit arm did need some positioning, but once in place the vibrations provided some toe-curling sensations - sometimes too much! I find the vibrations are somewhere between buzzy and deep, but slightly more towards deeper vibrations. Like with most of my vibrators, I start off by using the Ina 2 on a medium speed intensity, gradually building up to a higher setting. Occasionally when I want to prolong my play I will decrease the speed a little which gives for some lovely teasing and lengthier, more powerful orgasms. (Yay!)

Whilst in use, I found the buttons on the control panel fairly easy to locate and use without too much concentration - my mind of course is usually somewhere else so this is a good thing! Because the buttons are easy to locate in use this does mean that occasionally I tend to knock them which can cause me to accidentally change the function or speed of the toy. However, I'd rather the buttons be easy to locate with the occasional pushing a button accidentally, rather than the control panel being fiddly and frustrating when wanting to change a function mid-play.

As much as I love the Ina 2 and the wonderful orgasms it gives me, the toy isn't without its flaws. I feel like the motor in the shaft could do with a little more power, especially compared to the power of the motor in the clit arm which I find a lot more powerful, but this could be just be due to the motor having less of a surface area for the vibrations to reach.

The one thing that does annoy me though is that you can't control the speed intensity of vibrations in the shaft and clit arm separately when used on function #1; they both vibrate at the same speed. The reason I feel this is a downfall with the toy is because, as mentioned previously I feel that the motor in the shaft has less power than the motor in the clit arm. This means that if I have the toy on full power the shaft provides sufficient vibrations, but the clit arm is too much. If I turn the power down so that the clit arm doesn't hurt me - or even rub my clit off! - then I end up losing power for internal stimulation. There are two ways I have learnt to resolve this, 1) by initially using function #3 which only has the shaft vibrating, then when I'm ready, go back to function #1 which has both parts vibrating. 2) By using the vibrator on function #1 on full power, manually lifting the clit arm off my clitoris so that the vibrations do not affect me as much, but I don't particulary like doing this as I prefer some pressure on my clitoris.

Obviously I would rather not have this issue which resorts in me doing the above to resolve it, however I am willing to forgive the Ina 2 for this because I've had some of the most pleasurable orgasms from using this toy. It's also high quality, easy to clean and care for, easy to use, rechargeable, waterproof, and best of all, I'd recommend it for any level of experience, even beginners as it's non-threatning.


  • Length: 8 inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.75 inches
  • Circumference: 4.5 inches

Where To Buy:

The Lelo Ina 2 is available in either green, orange, or purple. I got mine from, but it can be bought from various different retailers for around £80.

LELO is a Swedish sex life accessory label with a distinct design philosophy and brand profile

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