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Rene Rofe Crotchless Garter Briefs

Recently sent to me from Lovehoney to test and review, these Rene Rofe crotchless briefs with removable suspenders will be sure to add femininity and cheekiness to any bedroom attire.

As always, the product was sent in discreet, plain packaging, and these cute crotchless briefs arrived presented in nice and simple slim cardboard packaging with images of a model wearing the briefs showing both the front and back of them giving you a cheeky peak of what’s inside.

The briefs feel well made and of a quality standard. They are made from a stretchy spandex and polyester material which gives off the visual effect of silky satin. I must say though, that I absolutely love this material as not only does it have the added bonus of stretching to fit your shape and hug your curves and bum perfectly and comfortably, but it doesn’t leave any annoying bits of material sticking out like some normal satin materials do that have no give in them. The spandex material also feels really soft and luxurious to the touch...I keep finding myself running my fingers over these briefs when I'm wearing them!

The extra detailing on them is so elegant yet cheeky and flirty at the same time. On the front of the waistline there are two pink bows which add a light contrast to the black material of the briefs; the contrast in colour of the small bows will be sure to divert your partner's eyes down towards your intimate areas. Additionally, if you turn around you will find ruching in the material between the bum cheeks on the back of the briefs, which highlight and accentuate your bottom beautifully. But that's not all, the waist/hips and legs feature frilled edges, which although also add a really cute and flirty touch, are made from quite a rough material that may scratch the skin a little. This is where I feel as though the briefs begin to fall down a little bit (pun intended). Unfortunately this is the only factor that stops me from recommending these briefs to those who have sensitive skin as they may cause some irritation.

The crotchless part of the knickers is so subtle when standing up, and when looking in the mirror I can see just a small amount of skin. Obviously my body shape, and everyone else's differs to each other and so therefore, on some, more skin may be visible, likewise less skin may also be visible too; it really will depend on your body shape. By having the added bonus of being able to show a little skin, you can tease your partner by showing a little taste of what’s to come. Even with the crotchless part, these briefs are surprisingly really comfy to wear too! 

Moving onto the suspender straps; the briefs have 4 suspender straps, two at the front and two at the back and all are both adjustable as well as removable. I found the clasps were really secure and kept my stockings held up and in place, however I did find that one of the suspender straps kept coming loose from the briefs causing it to fall off a few times. This was caused by the loop material on the edge of the briefs being a little too big for the suspender hook to stay put, but sometimes these things happen.

I found the fitting to be very accurate. I’m a UK12-14 and received these in a M/L and they fit perfectly. This is certainly helped by the material being spandex which is quite stretchy and will hug your natural curves. I am definitely comfortable in saying that they would fit a UK16 as advertised on the sizing guide as being the largest the M/L will fit. When washing, it is advisable that you do so by hand to avoid damaging the briefs.

Overall I'm fairly happy with the Rene Rofe Crotchless Knickers with Suspenders, and despite one of the suspender straps falling off a few times I think these briefs are absolutely gorgeous - they’re cute, cheeky, flirty, comfortable to wear, for me the fit is spot on, and they make me feel sexy. It really is just a shame that the frilled edges on the legs and waist are rough as I unfortunately can’t recommend them for those with more sensitive skin.

Where To Buy:

The Rene Rofe Crotchless Knickers with Suspenders are available to buy from for £12.99. They are available in sizes S/M (UK6-10) and M/L (UK12-16).

*All prices are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.
*This product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review. In no way does this affect my opinions and experience of the product.

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