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Lelo Insignia Alia

The Lelo Alia is an incredibly smooth luxury vibrator designed for using as both a massager as well as a clitoral vibrator, and is suitable for couples as well as solo play. It boasts 6 functions, is waterproof, and is fully rechargeable.

This egg / oval shaped vibrator fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, is completely rigid, and features a finger loop in the centre of the toy ensuring that holding the product is both easy and comfortable. It's crafted with a metallic  ABS plastic core and partially coated with a luxurious body safe, FDA approved silicone which feels unlike any other silicone I've ever felt. It's incredibly soft and smooth, glides effortlessly over the skin without any drag, and doesn't tend to pick up lint and dust.
There is a seam present at the very tip of the vibrator, which even when touching with your fingertip is that soft that it is barely noticeable. When in use on the skin or clitoris this slight seam cannot be felt at all.

Silicone is a fantastic material as it is incredibly body safe, both latex and phthalates free, and most importantly, non-porous. This means that the material of the toy will not soak in bacteria and dirt which could be transferred to the individual using the product, as well as potentially degrading the toy. When it comes to lubricants, a silicone lube will have a negative reaction with the silicone materials of the toy, and if you're investing decent money on a luxury product you definitely don't want to damage it! Always remember that you should only use water-based lubricants on silicone sex toys as they are safe to use on all materials.

As always, Lelo's packaging is exceptionally beautiful. The outer box is made from a thin, shiny coated cardboard featuring some images of the Alia as well as product information. Inside you will find an elegant, sturdy box featuring the Lelo branding on the lid, and within this the Lelo Alia is presented gorgeously nestled in an inlay tray along side the signature Lelo brooch which comes with all products from their 'Insignia' range. Also inside the box is a user manual, a 5ml sachet of Lelo's own water-based lubricant, an authenticity card and 1 year warranty, and a thick satin storage pouch to store the product in and keep it safe from environmental dirt, and of course, prying eyes. Not only do Lelo take time and effort to design and create stunning products, but also stunning packaging too. I absolutely love the packaging and presentation of their product's as they make for really elegant gifts.

Operating the Lelo Alia is really simple, but first the vibrator must be charged. Of course, you will need to plug the charger into a mains socket, then simply plug the pin on the end of the charger into the base of the toy where a small dimple in the silicone can be seen. Charging takes approximately 2 hours, and a full charge will give you around 240 minutes (4 hours) of play time. Whilst charging, the 3-button control panel will flash on and off, and once fully charged the light will remain a steady glow. I wouldn't recommend topping the charge up after each use as you will run the risk of damaging the rechargeable battery, always let the battery drain completely before re-charging.

To operate the vibrator, press the '+' button to turn the vibrator on and it will automatically start on the steady constant vibration function, hold the button down to increase the speed intensity of vibration. Push the '-' button to decrease to speed intensity, and to turn off just hold the button down until the vibrator stops vibrating. The button in the middle controls the pattern functions. What I love about this toy is that you can also change the intensity of vibrations on the pattern functions too! Once you've found a desired speed simply push the middle button for 1-2 seconds to change the pattern. If you find that the vibration intensity on a pattern still isn't quite right, simply use the '+' and '-' buttons to change it. It's all about experimentation with the Lelo Alia. Another fantastic feature is that you can lock the toy to stop it vibrating when in storage or during transportation and travel. To lock hold down the '+' and '-' buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds, during this time the control panel will glow steadily then go off once locked. Likewise, to unlock follow the same instructions, only this time the light will only flash once, once the vibrator is unlocked.

The functions on the Alia are:
  • Steady vibrations
  • Pulsation
  • Faster pulsation
  • Escalating pulsation
  • Rollercoaster
  • Random / chaos

As the Alia is a rechargeable vibrator it's fairly quiet. On the low-medium speeds the vibrator is barely audible, but once you get past the medium speeds and nearer to the higher speeds then the noise levels will inevitably start to increase. After turning the Alia on to its maximum speed intensity, I held it under a duvet to muffle the sound, which worked to an extent but I could still hear the vibrator buzzing away slightly. Despite this, I vacated my room and shut the door and I couldn't hear the vibrator at all, which is great if you don't live on your own or with a partner.

My Experience:

When I first took the Lelo Alia out of the box I was really surprised at just how soft and smooth the silicone material was that I absolutely couldn't stop running my fingers over it. I wasn't too sure about how promising the waterproofing of the Alia would be due to the design of the self-sealing silicone at the charging port, but after testing it under the tap, in the shower, and fully submerging it in a sink full of water, the Alia is still working and buzzing perfectly fine. 

Being waterproof also makes for really easy cleaning as well which is a bonus. You can wash it in warm soapy water and / or use a sex toy cleaner. There is a small ridge in the toy where the silicone meets the ABS core which can act as trap for dirt to build up in. The same goes for the moulding of the 3-button control panel as well as the Lelo brand name on the opposite side of the toy, so I would suggest using something small such as a cotton bud to get into the small ridges. Once clean, simply dry with a clean towel or leave to air dry.

As a body massager the soft shape and size of the Alia makes it great for getting into more delicate areas of the body without it being too much or too angular. As mentioned previously the material glides effortlessly over the skin making this a perfect product for body massaging and teasing erogenous zones. You don't really need to use a lubricant on the skin whilst using the vibrator as a massager or teaser, but if you do, don't use anything containing oil or silicone. I can't stress how important it is to always keep lubricants water-based when using a silicone product.

Clitoral Vibrator:
In use as a clitoral vibrator I did find that the Alia wasn't as powerful as I'd hoped it would be and the vibrations were more 'surface' vibrations than 'deep' vibrations. In use I apply a small amount of water-based lubricant on the tip of the vibrator to make it glide comfortably, and use a rocking motion on my clit. Every time I use it I have to bump the power right up to it's maximum speed intensity and even then it takes me a good 10+ minutes to orgasm. I find that after about 5 minutes I'm left at the brink of an orgasm, and even though it's sometimes quite a nice long build-up to an intense orgasm, the next 5 minutes until I actually climax can become a little frustrating at times, especially when I'm only in the mood for a quick one. I just wish that there was an extra couple of speed intensities so that I could chose if I wanted a long build-up or a quick session.

As a massager the Lelo Alia gets top marks from me! The vibrations are more 'rumbly' and can be felt nice and deep within the muscle tissue; it's also great for teasing those oh so important erogenous zones! I've used the Alia as a clitoral vibrator numerous times and each time I come to the same conclusion - It's a fairly powerful toy, but unfortunately I don't think it would be that suitable for advanced toy users and for those that crave lots of power. I'd say that for clitoral stimulation it's more suitable for beginners, girls that are very sensitive, and for couples during sex for extra stimulation.

Despite craving higher speed intensities from the Alia for when wanting a quick orgasm through clitoral stimulation, this is one of my favourite toys for when I'm in the mood for a really long build-up. Why? Not only does the silicone feel so smooth and luxurious, but because I gain pleasure during the build-up and the orgasms I experience are long lasting and intense.


Length: 3.5 inches
Width: 2.25 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches

Where To Buy:

This Lelo Alia comes in either black or deep rose, and is available to buy from BrokenHalo.co.uk for £64.98.

*All prices are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.
*This product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review. In no way does this affect my opinions and experience of the product.

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