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Lelo Gigi

A few months ago I entered a competition hosted by Dirty Little Whispers to win a gift voucher to spend on my favourite variety of toys over at Innocent Sex Toys. I couldn't believe my luck when I received the email to tell me that I'd won...I mean, I'm probably the most unlucky person out of everyone I've ever known and I never win anything! I was absolutely thrilled, but then came the hardest part - trying to decide what I wanted to spend it on. I'd already had a few products in mind, different dildo's, different vibrators, but having had my eye on the Lelo Gigi for what seems like an age now, I decided that would be the one for me, and here I am writing my review for it.

The Gigi is specifically designed to reach and stimulate the G-spot, and
with its slim, curved shaft and angled, flattened head, it does so with perfect precision. The Gigi also doubles up as a fantastic clitoral vibrator too, with its flattened head providing coverage of a larger area on or around the clitoris. It's a powerful, 5 function vibrator, yet because it is rechargeable it is also extremely quiet and so is great for anyone living with others that doesn't want to be heard. The handle of the Gigi which also features the control panel is made up of a rigid, white ABS plastic. Likewise the inner body of the shaft is also rigid and made from what I assume to be ABS plastic, however this is coated with a luxuriously soft, matt finish FDA approved silicone which is both latex and phthalates free, non-porous, and is 100% body safe. This silicone coating isn't 'squishy' and like the rest of the toy, is completely rigid.

I'm rather fond of Lelo's silicone as it's so soft and smooth, and glides effortlessly over the skin without dragging, it also doesn't tend to pick up dust and lint - but that doesn't mean you don't need to clean it prior to use! When it comes to using lubricants with a silicone toy, always, always use a water-based lubricant as you don't want to risk degrading the surface of the toy, especially when you're paying a lot of hard earned money for it. When cleaning, a toy cleaner or soap and water should be used. The Gigi is only splash proof and so you should never submerse it in water, so take extra care when washing. Either leave it to air dry or dry with a clean towel.

As with all of Lelo's packaging, the Gigi's is simply beautiful. It arrives presented inside the usual sturdy Lelo boxes encased within an outer card box featuring an image of the Gigi as well as information about the product. Along with the Gigi you also get a [UK] mains charger, satin storage bag, a 5ml sachet of water-based lubricant which is both glycerin and paraben free, an instruction manual, and an authenticity and 1 year warranty card. Although the presentation box is fantastic if you're giving this as a present, I'm always impressed when brands that create luxury toys provide another means of storing the product in apart from the box / packaging it originally came in, such as the satin bag, as this takes up much less storage space than storing the product in the box.

To start with, always charge a rechargeable vibrator for at least the recommended time as stated from the manufacturer's instructions. I like to leave it a little longer just to be sure. To charge the Gigi, plug the mains charger into a wall socket, and the pin into the port protected by a tab on the base of the vibrator. The Lelo Gigi should take approximately 2 hours to charge, and from a full charge you should get around 4 hours (240 minutes) of play. Whilst charging, the ring around the control panel will flash white on and off, and once charged it will glow steadily. When ready for recharging the control panel will flash red to warn you before it cuts out. I wouldn't recommend topping up the charge after each use as doing so may run the risk of damaging the battery; always let the Gigi's battery completely drain of its power before recharging.

Despite having a 4 button control panel, I found the Lelo Gigi really easy to operate without reading the manual provided. The + and - buttons control the intensity of vibration as well as turning the toy on and off, and the up and down arrows allow you to scroll through the 5 different functions the toy has to offer. I'm not usually a fan of pattern's, but I was especially surprised that. unlike a lot of vibrators which have patterns that can only be used on one speed intensity, you can actually change the intensity of vibration whilst using a pattern on the Gigi. What's also great is that you can lock the control panel on the vibrator during storage and travel ensuring that it won't start buzzing away on it's own. To do this push down the whole control panel at once for about 5 seconds, the light around the control panel will glow steadily and turn off when locked. To unlock do exactly the same, only this time the control panel will flash once after the 5 seconds notifying you that the vibrator is unlocked and ready for use.

The 5 different functions that are featured on the Gigi are:
  • Continuous speed vibration
  • Low pulse
  • Medium pulse
  • Fast pulse
  • Escalating vibrations

The noise level of the Gigi is extremely low due to it being rechargeable. I found that on the lower to medium speed settings the vibrator is almost silent, and on the highest setting the vibrator is naturally more audible. However, when used under a duvet the Gigi's sound can be muffled easily - it won't be heard from the other side of the door.

My Experience:

After finally getting over my excitement of now owning the Lelo Gigi - a vibrator I'd been lusting after for quite some time now - I decided to put it to the test. 

I found the Gigi really easy to clean, with some basic anti-bacterial soap and some warm water both prior and after use, the Gigi is still in tip top shape and looks good as new. Remember to always take extra care near the control panel and the charging port as you don't want any water leakage resulting in a damaged toy. If you like, you may also use a sex toy cleaner or some anti-bacterial wipes too. Don't store toys together as there may be risk of the materials reacting together, so always store the Gigi separately in either the box it came in or the storage bag provided.

G-Spot Vibrator:
As much as I love Lelo products, I have mixed reviews about the Gigi when it comes to using it for its primary purpose as a G-spot vibrator. The slim, curved shaft is the perfect shape to enable the bulbous head to rub and stimulate my G-spot with perfect precision and the sensations are extremely pleasureable. I have used the Gigi on the continuous speed setting as well as the pulsating settings, starting off at a medium level vibration intensity and gradually increasing to the highest intensity. Although I absolutely love the pleasure the Gigi with these settings give me (they do give me jelly legs), unfortunately out of the numerous times I've used it, I haven't experienced a G-spot orgasm from the toy alone. I always feel like I'm really close, but I can never get over the edge. I do however think that if the Gigi had more power, I would be able to orgasm (and possibly squirt) just from G-spot stimulation.

I did find that when lubed up, depending on how much of the toy you have to insert, the handle can get a bit slippery. Not only does this become annoying if the Gigi keeps slipping out of your grasp requiring a quick wipe-up with a towel, but this is a concern when it comes to the control panel as you don't want lube getting into the inside of the vibrator. Likewise, this is also a concern for girls that squirt. Another issue I encountered was that the angular ridge underneath the flat head had a tendency to knock the back of my pubic bone occasionally during insertion and removing the vibrator, which didn't exactly feel pleasant.

Clitoral Vibrator:
Although advertised and sold as a G-spot vibrator, in use on the clitoris the Gigi is exceptionally good! The flattened head ensures the deep vibrations cover a larger area than your standard pin-point bullet vibrator. But if that's what you want then simply turn the Gigi into it's side and use the angled edge for pin-point vibrations. Personally, I prefer to mix this up and alternate between the two when using it on my clit. It can drag a little without the use of lube, but with a little bit of water-based lube the silicone coating glides effortlessly. The vibrations are focused towards the bulbous head of the Gigi, and I love the deeper vibrations it gives off as it means my clitoris doesn't end up becoming numb after using for a while.

I have no issues with the Lelo Gigi when used as a clitoral vibrator, and it has become one of my favourite vibrator's to use for a quick clitoral orgasm. However, I have mixed views on the Gigi as a G-spot vibrator, but I'm not giving up and will keep using the vibrator in hope that it'll prove this review of my experience wrong and give me that all important G-spot orgasm I was hoping it would. Failing that, Lelo have recently announced the arrival of the new an improved Lelo Gigi 2 which is said to be 100% more powerful that the original Gigi. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to get my hands on the Gigi 2 and put it to the test.

Things I love about the Lelo Gigi: it's high quality and made from 100% body safe silicone and ABS plastic, is non-threatening to look at, and it's rechargeable, quiet, and powerful. It's great to use by anyone no matter what level of experience you have with sex toys.


  • Length: 6.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.6 inches
  • Circumference: 4 inches (head) / 3 inches (shaft)

Where To Buy:

The Lelo Gigi comes in 3 different colours - pink, deep rose, and turquoise blue - and is available to buy for £50 - £60 from most online sex toy retailers. Each banner featured here in this review links to a different retailer from which you can purchase the Lelo Gigi. 

LELO is a Swedish sex life accessory label with a distinct design philosophy and brand profile
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