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Lunch Boxxx Storage Box

When it comes to sex toys, not only is it important to think about the size of the product you are purchasing and the material(s) it is made from, but also how you are going to store it once you have made your purchase.

Storing your sex toys is absolutely crucial. No matter how big or small your toys are, every single one of them needs to be protected from matters such as dirt and dust, sunlight, and prying eyes. Depending on the material your toy is made from (i.e. jelly, rubber, silicone, lifelike materials) your toys should always be stored separately to avoid the materials reacting and degrading, leaving your beloved toys unusable. Materials such as ABS plastic and glass don't necessarily have to be
stored separately as the materials will not react with each other, but it is still always recommended to reduce scratching and the transferal of possible bacteria.

Having built up a not so small collection of toys over the recent months, I found myself starting to worry about my family members snooping around my bedroom and coming across something I'd much rather they didn't! I was lurking on The Vibe Forum over at (you should all go and join by the way!) and noticed a member post about a storage product with a lock feature that they'd purchased and knew instantly that I had to get my hands on one.

The Lunch Boxxx arrived protected within in a plain, discreet brown box with only a small returns address to 'Net 1on1' present. At a glance any average person would have no idea that your parcel has been sent from a sex toy company. However, a quick search of the returns address on google soon tells you otherwise.

The Lunch Boxxx is packaged in basic cardboard which wraps around the length of the product. The style of the packaging is aesthetically clean and basic, and holds some informative text about the product itself as well as some images. One thing that I did notice on the packaging is that it says 'wipeable porous materials', although the faux leather material is easy to clean this is something that wasn't stated on the product page on site and is something that I am not too fond of if I'm completely honest, however I can always purchase some satin storage bags to put my toys in before I place them inside the storage box for extra protection. Inside the box you will find a small booklet containing information and advice about the storage box itself and caring for your sex toys too.

Covered in a faux leather material, the stylish Lunch Boxxx is of a quality standard, is built to last, and feels really luxurious. It's exterior is extremely discreet once out of the packaging as there are no logo's or markings on the outside of the storage box to indicate that it's specifically made to store sex toys and essentials. Measuring at 12 inches in length and 4 inches in width and in height, the box is fairly long, but even so it still resembles a jewellery box more than anything.  

The Lunch Boxxx opens 180° flat, and as the lid opening of the box is placed in the centre of the box's height, each side is usable for separate storage - not like some storage boxes where the lid opens near the top so items have to be stacked. It features a fully functioning lock on the exterior with two keys included to keep your toys extra safe from prying eyes.

Inside the Lunch Boxxx there are three separate compartments for storing your items. The main larger compartment is 1.75in deep, measures 11.25 x 2.3in, and can be used for a larger sex toy, or a few smaller ones. I tried storing my Lovehoney Lifelike 8 Inch Vibrator but unfortunately due to the mesh compartment on the other side, I could not close the box without it straining because the suction cup (3.25in diameter) from the vibrator / dildo was too large, so bear that in mind if you're thinking of storing a toy with a suction cup. There is also some space specially designed to fit some lubricant's depending on the shape and size of the bottle - a 50ml bottle of Durex lube fits perfectly so I'm sure anything of a similar size will also fit no problem. The lid of the Lunch Boxxx contains two compartments, the one on the left is the battery compartment and stores 4 x AA batteries; the satin ribbon provides easy removal of the batteries when slipped underneath them. The zipped mesh compartment on the right is also 1.75in deep, measures 6.8x3.5in, and is a perfect size for smaller toys such as bullet vibes, eggs, butt plugs, as well as other lubricants, creams, toy cleaners, massage oils, and condoms.

Room for Improvement?

Firstly the battery compartment, although useful, means there is some wasted storage space. For starters, there is only a small space to store your batteries and I don't see why it had to be designed so that only 4 x AA batteries can be stored as not all sex toys take AA's. Secondly, there is a fair amount of space underneath the battery storage so why not have it as a lid like you see in some jewellery boxes meaning that more products can be stored underneath.

The next design issue I have with the Lunch Boxxx is probably the main issue. Where the zipped mesh compartment is, as the mesh doesn't cover the full area and is only zipped on one side, when closing the lid of the box some items such as bullet vibes tend to fall out into the bottom of the box and are therefore not secure. I think this could be rectified if the mesh covered the whole area and there were two zipped sides ensuring that no products would fall out.

The Lunch Boxxx does its intended job absolutely perfectly and I cannot fault it in that regard, and although I love it as a storage device, it does unfortunately have a few design flaws that could be improved on.


Length: 12 inches
Width: 4 inches
Height: 4 inches

Where to Buy:

The Lunch Boxxx storage box is available to buy at a bargain price of only £4.95 from, and comes in either blue, white or mint green.

*All prices are correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.

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