Friday, 12 April 2013

Fancy A Trip To The Carnival?

No, I don't mean literally...I'm not asking my reader's to meet up and take a trip to the carnival, eat lots of fried food and candy floss, go on some rides, spend stupid amount's of money on stall's only to be given a crappy toy or a goldfish you can't look after. Although that doesn't seem like such a bad idea! :P

Moving on...The other day I was sat downstairs flicking through the seemingly endless channel's on T.V. and decided to settle on watching Grey's Anatomy. I used to watch it all the time but haven't watched it for a couple of years so figured I'd switch it on and see what has changed...not that much really!

Throughout the episode every medical conversation April is involved in somehow becomes an analogy for her sex life. Anyway, a scene came on in which April is talking to Meredith about her new boyfriend who is still a virgin, and doesn't know how to tell him that she isn't anymore - although not in those exact words! This scene can be viewed in the video below.

It left me wondering about what metaphor's other people have used. So have you ever used a metaphor to describe losing your virginity and / or having sex? And if so what was it?

Don't be shy!

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